Roller Furler – Extra Large Drum 300mm – 56ft to 65ft


Furling System to suit a 56 foot to 65 foot forestay


Distance “A” is xx ft xx inch
“A” is the actual distance, no allowance has been made for attachment of sail or stretch, which is normally about 2 %. On a xx ft xx inch sail this would be about 6 inches.


Recommended Drum Size for a XX foot XX inch forestay is Small (165mm)

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The bolt rope should be stitched into the bolt rope envelope at the head of the sail.

Bolt rope should be 5/16 hard nylon or similar.The bolt rope should NOT be stitched at the bottom of the sail and the bolt rope should extend about 8 inches past the end of the bolt rope envelope.

There is no need to replace your existing sail. All sails can be converted to a furling sail and conversion is usually simple and inexpensive.