NUMBER ONE: If your swage at the end of your forestay is like number one and is not wider than 14mm (9/16′) in diameter, you will be able to simply slide your forestay complete with swage through the full length of the extrusion of your new furling and reconnect it to the fitting on the bow.

If the diameter of the swage is more than 14mm (9/16′), it will have to be cut off and replace with a ‘Sta-Lok’ (Long Stud) or similar and is very easily fitted in a few minutes without special swaging equipment. There is no overall loss in forestay length, however the wire length will be shorter by approximately 3 inches (75mm). Swage No 1




NUMBER TWO: If your swage is like number two, the swage can be carefully ground off, the forestay straightened and threaded through the furling extrusion and then simply re-swaged. This is only recommended with galvanized wire, if your forestay is stainless and you have this kind of fitting, then a ‘Sta-Lok’ eye would be an ideal replacement. The stainless forestay should be cut above the swage.




NUMBER THREE: If your swage is like number three and is larger than 14mm (9/16′) in diameter, it will have to be replaced. (See ‘Number One’ above)